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DANCE+INDUSTRY was created for professional dancers and choreographers who are driven to succeed. You bring the grit and the determination, and we’ll give you the knowledge and tools that you need to make your mark in the commercial dance industry.


Whether you work in television, advertising, film, tour, theatre, digital, experiential, promotions, education, studio or in the community, we’ve designed this simple, easy to use platform so you can get the information you need to be better at business quickly. We’re not here to baffle you with science, we’re here to give you practical content that works.

You’ve trained your socks off for years, and now you’re ready for a career in the entertainment industry. We love that you’ve got big ambitions and DANCE+INDUSTRY has the tools, advice and support you need to reach those goals. If you’re just finding your feet head on over to the PRO KIT section – it’s packed with downloadable guides and handy “how-to’s” to get you on your way.



Some people are born ready. If this sounds like you then it’s time to take your dance knowledge a big leap further by signing up for the MAKE MORE MOVES program – the ultimate business blueprint for professional performers. This one is the biggie – here we dig deep, giving you the knowledge and strategies you need to make a bigger impact on the industry now and for years to come. MAKE MORE MOVES is the next level of professional dance training, allowing you to define your brand and ensure you stand out from the crowd, build a top-notch digital presence and marketing strategy, create opportunities to enhance your dance career and more.

As well as the innovative MAKE MORE MOVES learning platform, additional perks include monthly webinars so you can have your most burning questions answered live by our experts, along with access to the private Facebook group to connect with Kymberlee,the DANCE+INDUSTRY team and fellow extraordinary dance professionals for further support and advice. If you’re determined to have an incredible future in dance, MAKE MORE MOVES is your first step towards making it happen.



I’m an award winning entrepreneur, ex-professional dancer and the founder of DANCE+INDUSTRY. I went from community street dancer without any formal qualifications to a steady and lucrative career in the dance industry, working across the scene in music promo, live stage and global advertising. Some of my biggest achievements include my sponsorship deal (and now a consultancy post) with Nike, and producing sold-out dance events with over 2000 dance enthusiasts in attendance.

I’ve worked consistently in more than 27 cities, performing live, filming promo, choreographing, teaching, judging and consulting alongside household names including Madonna, Footlocker, Sony, MTV, The BBC, Vogue Magazine, The English National Opera, AEG…and I freelanced my way through the whole thing – gaining the business knowledge over a number of years that has underpinned my success as a professional dancer and now, a creative business consultant. DANCE+INDUSTRY isn’t theoretic or second-hand knowledge, it’s based on first-hand expertise working in a formidable business I have lived and loved for over 20 years.